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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 26, 2015 – I’m a Zone Leader now

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Hey everyone I'm on! Super early again! XP It's just that I have to pack today. President called and said he wants me to be a Zone Leader! The first thing he asked me was if my life was in order XD and it is!

President called me Saturday night asking me to be a zone leader for the Zone Santo Domingo. In the heart of the city! Boy, I'm not sure how I feel! I'm not sure if I'm excited or nervous but I'm definitely willing! Even though it's going to be in the second biggest zone in the mission (and I hate big groups DX), I get some comfort knowing that one of my best friends in the mission is going to be my companion. Elder Barlow. He was in my district from the MTC; he's been there since day 1 with me! It should be an awesome experience! ^_^ And well, after being a District Leader for almost 8 months, I guess I'm all prepped up to be a zone leader. If President and the Lord trust me enough to do this, I won't let them down!

This week was awesome! My comp and I had our best week as a companionship. Yet ironically, when the area is starting to progress, is when the Lord calls me away. I guess what I needed to do here was done. I'm satisfied. ^_^  I never complain about the transfers. Anyway, yesterday was a great treat. Elder Zivic of the 70 and his wife came to visit the branch! It was nice to get up close and personal in talking with him. He remembers Richard very well too! (Elder Zivic was Richard’s, my bro-in-law, mission president when he served in Spain.)  Our investigators got to meet him and they loved it. They said there was something special about him. I knew what it was ;)

Unfortunately, yet fortunately at the same time, our baptism for the 31st was postponed. It was because the father who has a date, named Jose, is getting married on the 31st, so we'll baptize him the following week. We're happy for him! And his fiancee too, because she's a member!

I remember telling dad early into this transfer that I had a feeling that I wouldn't be here for very long. I guess it was the little revelation the Lord had for me! I wonder what this week will have for me. I'll be sure to tell you all next week! And thanks for the chili, Spam, and corned beef!  My comp and I already ate all the chili! Love you guys! Thank you for your prayers and support! 

-Elder Froude

Yummy coconut meat!

Our zone.  I'll miss them.
Meet Brownie!
Although I'm more brownie than him!  

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