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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 26, 2015 – I’m a Zone Leader now

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Hey everyone I'm on! Super early again! XP It's just that I have to pack today. President called and said he wants me to be a Zone Leader! The first thing he asked me was if my life was in order XD and it is!

President called me Saturday night asking me to be a zone leader for the Zone Santo Domingo. In the heart of the city! Boy, I'm not sure how I feel! I'm not sure if I'm excited or nervous but I'm definitely willing! Even though it's going to be in the second biggest zone in the mission (and I hate big groups DX), I get some comfort knowing that one of my best friends in the mission is going to be my companion. Elder Barlow. He was in my district from the MTC; he's been there since day 1 with me! It should be an awesome experience! ^_^ And well, after being a District Leader for almost 8 months, I guess I'm all prepped up to be a zone leader. If President and the Lord trust me enough to do this, I won't let them down!

This week was awesome! My comp and I had our best week as a companionship. Yet ironically, when the area is starting to progress, is when the Lord calls me away. I guess what I needed to do here was done. I'm satisfied. ^_^  I never complain about the transfers. Anyway, yesterday was a great treat. Elder Zivic of the 70 and his wife came to visit the branch! It was nice to get up close and personal in talking with him. He remembers Richard very well too! (Elder Zivic was Richard’s, my bro-in-law, mission president when he served in Spain.)  Our investigators got to meet him and they loved it. They said there was something special about him. I knew what it was ;)

Unfortunately, yet fortunately at the same time, our baptism for the 31st was postponed. It was because the father who has a date, named Jose, is getting married on the 31st, so we'll baptize him the following week. We're happy for him! And his fiancee too, because she's a member!

I remember telling dad early into this transfer that I had a feeling that I wouldn't be here for very long. I guess it was the little revelation the Lord had for me! I wonder what this week will have for me. I'll be sure to tell you all next week! And thanks for the chili, Spam, and corned beef!  My comp and I already ate all the chili! Love you guys! Thank you for your prayers and support! 

-Elder Froude

Yummy coconut meat!

Our zone.  I'll miss them.
Meet Brownie!
Although I'm more brownie than him!  

January 19, 2015 – Fun Temple Trip

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

This week was much better than the last! It was kicked off with an awesome trip to the temple!! It's so nice to escape from the world for a few hours, especially this noisy part of it. There are always motorcycles going off in the streets, even as I speak. Some even fix it up to make even more noise. It doesn't even improve its performance or make it faster or anything!! Ugh. But I got to leave that for a few hours to meditate and feel some good ol' peace. ^_^

So, this week was pretty good. We have two dates for the 31st, a father and his 13 year old son, but there's quite a bit of work to be done with them. They need a good majority of the lessons, and the son says he wants to be baptized, but doesn't put a whole lot of his part on it. That's ok, I like a challenge! We'll see where this goes. Also, supposedly, the Area 70, Elder Claudio Zivic, is coming to our branch this Sunday. I wonder how that will be because there's quite a bit of work to be done here. XP On the branch scale, I mean.

Oh, this is the last week of the transfer. This next Tuesday president will be calling people for the transfers. This one should be interesting though. President sent out a letter today to all the leaders that, based by inspiration, he will be changing out a LOT of leaders. So with that, that will mean that, most likely, I will be going up or going down. If I stay the same way, cool. If not, whether up or down, I'll be willing. Boy, transfers are always exciting! I wonder what will happen! There's always the transfer nerves, haha!

No pics today :( I left my camera home when we went to the temple DX but this week I'll try to catch a few. I'll write you all next week! Ian, congrats on the new job! :D Lauren and Richard, I'm glad you all made it to D.C. safely. And Mom and Dad, have fun in Hawaii! Love you all!

-Elder Froude

January 12, 2015 – Temple Trip!

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

This week hasn't been one of the best for the numbers :P But I'm still cheerful because we're going to the temple on Wednesday! I'm pretty pumped for it. This year we're going to be able to go 4 times instead of just 2. Going to the temple is always a treat. I know that a lot of missions don't have the chance. If I'm not mistaken, I think the mission Santiago here doesn't even get to go even though it's in the same country. The temple here is technically in the West mission, but we aren't far from it at all, so we can go. President asked the mission to leave earlier today to work to make up for the lost time on Wednesday, until they figure out what they can do about the little conflict. So that's why I'm on super early :P

As for the work part, this week was a little slow. My comp got sick for 2 days, and then I was sick for another. Also we had a very bad luck day on Elder Guzman's 4 month anniversary. He bumped into an electric box that cut his head, not too seriously just a scratch. On the way home to clean it out, the soles of his shoe split open, and then right in front of the house he stepped on poop. All while more than half of our citas fell through. When we got home that night, all I could say was "Happy 4 months!" We had a good laugh and slept a good sleep. Boy, what an awesome day right? Haha!

Nah, my attitude is still nice and high. I got an email from President and it was full of advice on what to do in an area like this. He helps us a lot.

Well, that's about all that I have to write about. This week should be better than the last ^_^ Thank you so much for all your help and support guys! I love you all! Mom and Dad, have fun in Hawaii!!

-Elder Froude
My companion, Elder Guzman and I

January 5, 2015 – 2015 already?

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Happy New Year! This will be my first letter of the year! Quite honestly, my New Year’s went by pretty boringly. :P There were parties here and there but in the country side all the sound isn't reflected between the buildings, thank goodness. There was still noise, but comparatively quiet for a holiday. We went outside hoping for some fireworks but all we got was a tiny little homemade roman candle down the street. It was almost as funny as it was disappointing, haha!

Well other than that, we had an awesome baptism this weekend! Her name is Carlita de la Cruz. She loved the baptism! Elder Guzman's last companion got permission from president to come on down and baptize her. It was one of the more spiritual baptisms I've been a part of. That was nice for a change. ^_^ The branch is doing a good job at making her feel welcome, especially since she doesn't have support at home. Her daughter is a 7th day Adventist and doesn't want her to be baptized. :P She's nice to us and lets us teach Carlita, of course. But it's just one of those things. Carlita took a leap of faith by getting baptized and is super happy that she had! :D

Man, it's 2015 already? It's crazy how the time flies out here. I remember Ian being gone on his mission and that felt like forever! Well, that's probably because I haven't seen him since almost 3 years ago. But it's crazy! Some elders I met at the beginning of my mission are going home already. A sister I met Day 1 on my mission has already gone home and the only sister from my group will be going home this next transfer. They're all leaving so soon, and our departure is getting even closer. My thought of two years now is the shortest long time! ^_^

Well this week will be full of contacting because we've had to drop a few people, and we need more people to teach. Should be an adventure! I'm used to countryside areas, so this will be a pleasure!

I also would like to thank everyone in the family who sent me stuff for Christmas! Thanks, Tita Jackie for the shoes and $, and Tita Jona for the treats! And thanks Anton, Anya, and Cameron for the money, it was really sweet of you guys!  Thank you Tita Lennet, Uncle Monjun, Randall, and Lara for the presents! Also, thanks to the ward members who sent me treats and ties and socks.  They were awesome!

We'll see how the first week of the year goes! Thank you guys so much for the support and love! It keeps me going! Love you all!

-Elder Froude

Here's some pictures of the treats I got for Christmas.  Thanks again!  I loved them all!

Being silly!

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December 29, 2014 – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

It was so great to see all of you on our call! It was great to talk to you guys! It sounds like from your emails that you all had a great Christmas, and I hope you guys have an awesome New Year's as well! Mine was pretty good too! No parties of course, just a nice dinner with a pleasant member family. It was really yummy!

We had to stay in, of course. Thankfully, all the crazy stuff here happens after 10 well after we have gotten back in the house. But Christmas was nice. I'm in the campo again so things are much more relaxed than in the city. Lots of parties still, but calmer ones. And then the day after was back to work. XD We'll have to repeat the process for New Year's as well. Come home early the night before and don't leave until told so. XP But it's all good!

Well, as for what's going on in the area, we have a baptismal date for this Saturday! It’s an investigator from before me but she finally accepted a date! She passed her interview and now weare going to keep her excited for the baptism. Her name is Carlita. She's in her 50's, despite her name, haha. But she's really nice! She's really excited and us as well!

I'm really liking this area and the new investigators. I'm super excited to work here! The branch has a long way to go before it becomes a ward, but we'll do our best! The area has had a history of pretty dead beat missionaries before, but we're going to change that. ^_^

No news about the New Year yet or about anything special, but if anything we'll be called this week. And I'll be sure to send photos as well. The USB port here is blocked by wires so I can’t send pictures! XP Until next week! I love you guys! Thank everyone that sent stuff for me for Christmas!

-Elder Froude

December 22, 2014 – In Yamasa

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

I have moved! I've been transferred out of good ol' Ralma, after 6 and a half months, to a place called Yamasá. I sent some pictures, but I think that Yamasá is a close translation of the name Jumanji, you guys remember that movie? Anyway, it's a huge rainforest. And I'm loving it so far! I'm excited to work with the people here and my new comp, Elder Guzman, from Nicaragua. Not much to write about though, since we've just started, haha!  I'm learning the area and getting to know the branch and investigators. As far as I can see, everything seems ok. We need a lot of work to help the branch grow though.

I'll talk to you guys this Thursday on Google+! This will be my 3rd call home and my last Christmas here :( Time flies by way too fast! DX But I'll talk to you guys then! We have to leave a little early today :( But until Thursday! Love you guys! And Merry Christmas!

-Elder Froude
Thanks for the shirt, pants, and tie!  Merry Christmas to me!

December 15, 2014 – Getting transferred to a new area - Yamasa

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

I'm getting transferred! 6 months and a half in Ralma, the longest time I've spent in an area, and now I'm leaving. I worked really hard in this area, hoping that by the time I’d leave it would be in better shape than I found it. And I think it is. We have a whole new pool of investigators, a lot more are progressing than when I started, and we've been able to baptize two people. It might not seem like much but if this is what my best can bring forth, and if the Lord is satisfied, then I am too. Sure, I feel like I can do so much more, especially with where we are now, but I suppose I'm needed elsewhere now. I can't wait to see what this new adventure has in store for me!

A lot has happened this past week; let's see if I can sum it up well. To start, we had our District meeting where afterwards we practiced and arranged a song for the Mission Tour meeting the next day, where Elder Cornish, our area president, would be present. Hna Goff and I were the only ones that knew the parts to the song we would sing, which was Silent Night. We didn't have much time to arrange either and Hna Goff and I didn't even end up singing. XD She had to play the piano and I had to conduct the music for the meeting. In the end, it turned out well. It wasn’t the Mormon Tabernacle Choir but President Corbitt and Elder Cornish looked like they liked it! Speaking of that, Elder Cornish spoke in that meeting about mission tour and it was awesome! He also did a Q and A session during lunch, and I learned a ton from that as well. I asked him a question about the priesthood and there's just something about learning from a 70 that just changes your life. XD He told me that to unlock your full potential of your priesthood duties, a man must understand 3 things: the nature of the Lord, the man's relationship with the Lord, and the will of the Lord in that particular moment. It was a really good meeting! ^_^

Pedro was baptized on Saturday!! It was awesome! He was so happy to be part of the church now. He asked me to baptize him and for Elder Tillmond to confirm him. I would have rather that Elder TIllmond baptize him because it would’ve been his first time but at least he got to give him the Holy Spirit, which when learning Spanish, is a little harder! But everything went great! ^_^

I'm going to be spending the rest of the day today saying bye to my baptisms and the members I'm closest to. It'll be a little sad; nobody likes saying goodbyes. :P But I go where the Lord needs me, and I won't forget this area. It was hard but I think I have grown from it. We'll see what else the Lord has in store for me. Thank you so much for everything, guys! The package I got from you was so awesome! I can't wait to call you guys for Christmas! Love you!

-Elder Froude

Got your package!  Yay!
Buses are cramped over here.
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December 8, 2014 – Getting close to Christmas!

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

We're finally going to have a baptism this week! Pedro's baptismal interview will be tomorrow, and he's so ready! He's really excited too. He hasn't missed going to church since we started about a month and a half ago. The ward needs to get on getting him another friend or two, but he's cool with the Bishop, so that should help out.

This past weekend, the Priesthood had a Christmas activity. An open house. Simple right? Well... miren lo que pasó. Look at what happened. During the open house, the people coming in will go into a room to listen to a message and then rotate to another one until we all meet up together in the chapel. We had four rooms and two of the teachers didn't show up. So, me and another elder had to fill in and only had 5 minutes to prepare. When we started, only our investigators showed up (one of ours, and one of the other companionship's), some of the people in charge, and maybe 4 members. Not to say it was a disaster, because our investigator, an older woman named Daisy, said she liked it! But I feel like it would have run better if the people in charge would have planned it more than two days in advance before the activity.

Speaking of things being sprung upon me in the latest minute possible, I taught Gospel Principles yesterday at church! I had a whole minute to prepare too! Actually, it went really well. I taught about the Sacrament. And I used up the whole 45 minute lesson very well. Thank you Holy Spirit! Lol, I can't say this is the first time this has happened to me, nor can I say it will be the last time.

Now about the sisters in my district, it was really up and down for a bit this week with me. Hna. Santos will be returning to Puerto Rico this coming Tuesday for health, but with honors. It wasn't completely unexpected, but I was hoping that they would be able to end on good terms before then. They had talked with each other and had arrived on some sort of compromise, but I saw that things were still a little shaky with them. I got frustrated because the Sister Leaders and I were hoping that one of them would start showing even a little charity by now. I thought a lot about what it is that we could do to make them part as friends. After talking with my companion and prayer, I came to the conclusion that we've already done all that we could. Now, it's time to see if they learned what we've taught them. If you teach a kid to ride a bike, you teach them by holding on so they don't fall. But you have to let go at one point, don't you? How else are you going to see if they really did learn? I brought this up with the Sister Leaders, luckily before they called them, and they agreed.

It's amazing how much a person learns when all they do is offer service to others. Such a simple little act brings forth a fortune of lessons and knowledge, it's incredible! I still have got so much to learn, of course, but I can't imagine how different my life would be like if I hadn't come out here to learn these things. Yay, I'm growing up, haha!

I'm gonna take a TON of pictures this week because we'll have a special District meeting and a Zone conference the day after, and a baptism! I'll take a lot and send them all! I'll write you all next week ok? Love you all! Thank you for all your support and gifts! They mean so much!

-Elder Froude