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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 19, 2015 – Fun Temple Trip

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

This week was much better than the last! It was kicked off with an awesome trip to the temple!! It's so nice to escape from the world for a few hours, especially this noisy part of it. There are always motorcycles going off in the streets, even as I speak. Some even fix it up to make even more noise. It doesn't even improve its performance or make it faster or anything!! Ugh. But I got to leave that for a few hours to meditate and feel some good ol' peace. ^_^

So, this week was pretty good. We have two dates for the 31st, a father and his 13 year old son, but there's quite a bit of work to be done with them. They need a good majority of the lessons, and the son says he wants to be baptized, but doesn't put a whole lot of his part on it. That's ok, I like a challenge! We'll see where this goes. Also, supposedly, the Area 70, Elder Claudio Zivic, is coming to our branch this Sunday. I wonder how that will be because there's quite a bit of work to be done here. XP On the branch scale, I mean.

Oh, this is the last week of the transfer. This next Tuesday president will be calling people for the transfers. This one should be interesting though. President sent out a letter today to all the leaders that, based by inspiration, he will be changing out a LOT of leaders. So with that, that will mean that, most likely, I will be going up or going down. If I stay the same way, cool. If not, whether up or down, I'll be willing. Boy, transfers are always exciting! I wonder what will happen! There's always the transfer nerves, haha!

No pics today :( I left my camera home when we went to the temple DX but this week I'll try to catch a few. I'll write you all next week! Ian, congrats on the new job! :D Lauren and Richard, I'm glad you all made it to D.C. safely. And Mom and Dad, have fun in Hawaii! Love you all!

-Elder Froude

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