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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

June 29, 2015 – Awesome Week

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Whew! This has been an awesome week of work and good stuff! A lot has happened and we did a lot!

So last Monday, a member asked us to visit her house to meet her husband who wasn't a member and we said sure! Well, we got there the next day and met Manuel, a Dominican Thor, with awesome tattoos and the nicest guy ever! He's actually lived in the States longer than the DR so he knows perfect English. Anyway, we were getting to know him and he told us that he wanted to marry his wife in the temple. We were shocked at how prepared he was!! We spent almost every day of last week teaching this man and preparing him for baptism this Saturday. We originally put it for the next week but he wouldn't be in the country by then. It was nuts how prepared this guy is. Literally no problems with anything! No Word of Wisdom or Chastity problems and is so willing to pay tithing! I haven't met somebody so prepared in a very long time. He's been coming to church without fail and we will baptize him this Saturday! They're very happy ^_^ and we are too!

Also about this Saturday, I'll be going to a sealing session. :DDD Remember Felix and Santa? They are over a year of being members and this Saturday is their sealing session!! Waaaahhhhh!!! I'm so happy for them! From what I hear, they are stronger than ever. It will be such a pleasure to see them again! I'll be sure to take lots of pics!

This past Saturday was Elder Walter's birthday! He turned 20. It's funny; I'm the youngest missionary in my house, but at the same time, the missionary with the most time in the mission. Oh, the irony!! Lol! But it was a good day! We didn't have a huge celebration, of course, but I was able to buy a little cake for us 4 missionaries. Birthdays aren't really a big thing for a missionary. XD

The Pew family came to church again this Sunday! They took us out again, but also asked us for help for a shoe donation they wanted to do in a Haitian village close to where they were staying. So after church, we went to their place and we all went over to the Haitian village. We didn't have many shoes to give out, only two suit cases full, and they were gone in less than 5 minutes. It was interesting to do that kind of work around here, mostly because we ourselves have nothing to give to them, except the gospel. I'll send pictures along with the email so you can see what I mean.

Other than all of that, Elder Walters and I are doing fantastic! He has become one of my best friends out here. We work well together and we're both just super happy to be here! It's nice having that as a companion so far into my mission. Other missionaries don't get so lucky, KNOCK ON WOOD!!

Well family, that was my week ^_^ We've got lots more for next week! I'll write all about it and send it with pics! I'm glad to hear that everything on your end is going well! I'm praying for Tita Nora as well. Write you all next week guys! Love you tons!! Until Next time!

-Elder Froude

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