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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 6, 2015 – 4th of July and Happy Birthday, Richard!

 Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

It's pretty interesting how just one day makes an entire week of struggle seem like it didn't even happen!  I say that because this week was tough! Nobody was around to be taught! Appointment after appointment would fall through, even with members! We dealt with that all week. Usually, it would be pretty discouraging, but with what was coming up that Saturday, I told myself that Saturday would make it all worth it. And it did.

On Saturday, Elder Walters and I traveled to the temple to be at Felix and Santa’s sealing and arrived at about 8 am. We were told that the session would start at nine but it turned out that it was moved to 11. I hadn't seen them at this point because I wanted to surprise them. So we hid in the MTC and ended up helping a teacher teach a class of 3-day old missionaries! Boy, it brought back memories :) Anyway, 11 came around and Elder Walters and I changed into white clothes for the session. We waited in the sealing room and in came Felix and Santa, happier than I’ve ever seen them! It was such a sacred and happy feeling, one that I have never felt before. And that moment they were sealed together forever.

To finish off the day, we baptized Manuel!! A spiritual feast, Saturday was. It's also such a special feeling to complete a family. That day was a very good day :) We couldn't celebrate with food or soda because we were fasting, so we're doing that today.  ;)

Next week is transfers! Let's see where the Lord will take me for this last transfer for me. I hope I stay honestly. But we shall see! Thanks for being on and for everything! Love you guys so much!

-Elder Froude

Felix and Santa's sealing
Manuel with his wife on his baptism day

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