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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

May 4, 2015 – May the Fourth be with You!

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Happy Cinco de Drinko! I mean Mayo! Haha, I dunno why I wrote that…they don't even celebrate it here. But in any case, they drink like it is every weekend, without fail.

But anyway, I'm glad to hear that mom and dad are moved in, only to get ready to move again! XD Now you know what I've gone through for the past 4 months! Taking everything down only to pick it back up a few weeks later! Only not nearly as much stuff as you guys! ^_^ But it's still super tedious! But, moving on (ba dum pst)… this week went pretty well. Elder Valdez and I are working on contacting a list of 43 referrals that our branch gave us. So far, none are progressing though :( But that's ok, we still have a handful of people to find. I like being comps with Elder Valdez! He's quite a responsible missionary! He's on top of the work here. I was impressed! It makes me feel bad for not doing more. XD

We also went to the temple!!! We went with two other Zones, La Romana and Santo Domingo, the recently popularly acclaimed ''best-looking zone” and I don't disagree! But I digress. That morning, I was actually pretty dang sick like something I got near the beginning of my mission. It came back and I thought I wouldn't be able to go to the temple. But I said a prayer, begging that I'd be able to bear it long enough to be able to enjoy the temple and not feel so miserable inside. After I finished praying, I felt even worse. Bleh. But I forced myself out of bed and got ready. It was at some point on the way to the temple that I noticed that my fever was gone, I wasn't thirsty, and that I didn't have a headache or any pain. For the 4 or so hours that we were there it was like I was never even sick. I talked happily with friends and felt a great Spirit there.

But of course, on the way home, I felt like a train hit me. My fever came back and I was dying for a drink and had a pretty bad headache. But even though I felt really sick I was still super happy that the Lord had answered a prayer so fast and so specifically. Yet, I think that had I asked for it any other way or for anything more, it wouldn't have happened.

Being a missionary is just so cool! I can't even begin to describe it with words. I wish that everyone one day can become one. Even you, mom and dad! When I'm out of the house, go serve a mission! Lauren and Richard have a big job right now, but as soon as that's done, go serve a mission!

Well, I will see you all this Sunday!! Happy Mother's day next week!  I'll make sure all the tech stuff works fine so that we can chat without problems. Love you guys! See you all super soon! Bye now!

-Elder Froude

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