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Monday, March 30, 2015

February 16, 2015 – Espaillat by Ourselves

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

This past week went by quite swimmingly well! Well, maybe a little less, but it was still a good week. This past Thursday was my first Zone Meeting as a zone leader. I talked to the zone about reverence, which at first was one of our biggest concerns. I just reminded them more than anything about our sacred calling. I also made a cool comparison. In the movies, everyone is dead quiet, trying to pay attention to the movie. Why wouldn't you give that kind of reverence to God when we have meetings or other important things? And even if you don't want to, fine, but remember that there are other people that are trying to pay attention. I hope they got the point.

In other news, Elder Barlow and I went to a meeting with the Stake President and all the bishops about the missionary work in the stake. We invited President Corbitt to come along as well, and he gave a really good training about ward councils and follow-up reporting. We're hoping this has an affect with the wards and that they can put it into practice.

Things are going to get even crazier here in Espaillat. Elder Barlow and I will be working 2 areas by ourselves for the rest of the transfer! Surprise! Before, there were 4 missionaries in my area Espaillat; A and B. But one of the missionaries that lived with us went home early for school. And because of that, they are taking out Elder Johnson (an awesome missionary and friend) and putting him in another zone. That leaves Elder Barlow and I to work BOTH areas by ourselves until the transfer ends, maybe even longer. On the bright side, our numbers will be much higher. Lol! jk jk, it's going to be very hard, haha! But I'm up for it. We just inherited the more dangerous area. At night, a lot of people get shot and stabbed here. But as long as we're careful, the Lord will protect us. And as for that movie Saratov Approach? It was just one time! It had the same affect the movie Jaws had on people. Now people tend to think that missionaries get kidnapped all the time. But we won't, we'll be ok. ¨_¨ We are on the Lord's errand.

I hope you all enjoy your president's day! For us, it's more work, just the way we like it. Thanks so much for all your prayers and support! It's what keeps me going. Actually, I'm glad that we have so much to do now. With only 6 months left, I'll feel like I have a year's worth of work to do! It's genius! I love you guys! Talk to you next week!

-Elder Froude

Got to go to Sambil Mall!

Elder Barlow and I
Love me some donuts!
Elder Johnson caught sleeping!

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