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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

June 30, 2014 – New Mission President

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

We have a new mission president now, his name is President Corbitt.  We haven´t met him yet, but on Wednesday is a leaders meeting and we´ll meet him there.  Also later in the week we all have interviews with him so he can meet all of us. Poor guy, he has more than 200 interviews to do in 2 weeks!

Anyway, the progress in the area is progressing.  Lol!  Great description, right? But really! Things are starting to spark up in the area. We´re finding more people to teach, only they don´t come to church. Urgh! That´s actually one of the most frustrating things out here; people that say they´ll come to church and then they don’t.  Welp!  We´ll find a way to bring them somehow.

Something cool that happened this week was that I saw my old companion, Elder Vasquez, who was with me in Bavarro. He has left the area but he told me all about how the area has been since he left! He told me that all of our baptisms have very strong testimonies now and are always coming to church! It made me so happy to hear that they are still faithful in the gospel!  As happy as that made me, it broke my heart to hear that another one of our converts’ wasn’t so lucky.  They are less-active now and are living a very sad life.  Ups and downs of the mission, you know. You feel a pure joy when you see the people you brought unto Christ thrive in the gospel and also feel a strong sorrow when they don´t prosper in the gospel. I bet that Heavenly Father feels an infinite amount of joy and sorrow when he sees us do the things we should and shouldn´t do.

That was a pretty good lesson I learned this week.  I understand just a tiny bit more about why our Father in Heaven wants us to be obedient, mostly because it is infinitely better!  The alternative isn´t so great, nor will it ever be.  That´s all I have for this week.  I´ll write you all about how President Corbitt is when I meet him this week!  Bye!  I miss you and love you!!

-Elder Froude

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