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Thursday, July 17, 2014

July 14, 2014 – If they would just come to Church

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Well, this week has been pretty eventful! Well, there were days that were really cool and now I have stuff to write about. The first was our interview with our new mission president, President Corbitt. He's really excited to work with us. I feel a little bad for him though, not because he won't be great, but because of how much he has to do. He has to meet all 244 of us face to face, and still isn't done yet! He's also made a lot of changes in the mission, moving around missionaries on special transfers and new leaders and all that good stuff. He's working really hard right off the bat. I like that. He seems pretty well prepared to be here, though; he worked in the UN before coming here. There still might be some changes by the time he finishes his interviews, but who knows!

Other than that, the work here is progressing, slowly, but surely. And Elder Pronk’s knee is improving a little bit. We went out for full days all week last week. His knee is starting to act up again, but he works through it. I make sure it isn't too intense for him, though. We found a really cool family in our area that loves to have us over and talk about the gospel. They're super receptive to the message and love it; only they don't come to church! Sometimes it gets frustrating because going to church is so important! Well, we can't really blame them. One of the people we teach is a grandmother, who has some sort of problem with her blood. It has a name in Spanish but I don't know it in English. Anyways with that problem sometimes she can't go out, it depends on how she feels. She's actually pretty fragile. With that, we can understand. But it’s like Urgh, if only she could come to church she could understand how awesome it is!

For fun on P-Day, me and a few other elders in the zone went to a huge mall in the capital called Sambil. It’s a really nice mall! I think it might be bigger than the one in Sacramento. We had a lot of fun there. If there's anybody out there think that missionaries can't have fun without doing crazy stuff, ya'll are wrong! I have the good luck of being with some of the funniest people I ever met. Not saying that missionary work is boring, but we still have fun joking around, sharing funny experiences, etc. It's so awesome! We also made an awesome contact over there while we were eating lunch. This guy named Jefferson that we're going to visit tomorrow. Anyway, I tried a sushi place here. I avoided the fish stuff because any fish away from the coast is sketchy. So in my sushi was cooked chicken, bacon, plantain (doesn`t work with sushi at ALL! XD) and avocado. Aside from the plantain, it was good!  I don’t think they have cucumbers here so they substituted plantain bananas.  Haha!

Good Luck this week with the Roadshow, Mom! It brings back my rehearsal days back at Charter. At first it’s fun, but then everyone gets sick of doing the show after 2 days! Haha! I would suggest keeping them super pumped for the show so that they don`t seem bored at show day. But you`ll be able to pull everything off!

Well, I believe that's all for this week. I sent some pictures after an eternity and more will come next week! I'll write you all next time! Miss you lots! Love you all! Bye!

-Elder Froude
For a zone activity...had to eat the cookie without hands.  Easy!
Hermana Flores
With sister training leaders, Hermana Walker and Hermana Goff.
Ice cream in Sambil Mall.  Yummy!
Who's the fish?
Sorry!  Couldn't resist doing this!

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