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Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 23, 2014 – A lot of changes!

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

First, I want to congratulate my brody on becoming an EFY counselor!! You´re gonna have so much fun dude!! Good luck!!

Whelp! I got quite a bit to write about, there´s a lot of changes going on! First, I met my new companion, who is my mission brother! He was trained by my trainer so we have the same father, thus, brothers. He´s so cool! His name is Elder Pronk, from Utah. We also have a WHOLE lot of work to do! Our area is pretty dry, so we both have some work to do before things get going here. Also, I wrote last week that I got called to be a District Leader. Well, my district is all sister missionaries so it´s like I´m the president of the Relief Society now! Haha! But jokes aside, it´s a really new experience and one that never even crossed my mind! We´ll see how it goes. But, on the little down side, they´ve been pretty sick lately and are still feeling a little weak, so their numbers are a little low. But that´s ok, we´ll work on some things for now and I’m sure it’ll get better once they get better.  Anyway, I just got here, so I have a lot of getting to know the area. I´ll keep you all on the progress of the area and the progress of the hermanas!

The house I’m in right now is actually a really big house!! Two stories! The Zone Leaders also live in the house with us. And we have flushing toilets and running water and working electricity. So it’s good! I didn´t get pics of them yet but I will soon.  

Oh, on the random, I learned how to shave (without cutting myself) with a straight razor! The shave is incredible and my face feels so smooth!  Lol! I love it!

I’m running out of time. :( Talk to you all next week! Love you!

-Elder Froude

Have you ever used a straight razor?
At the food court in my new area with my companion, Elder Pronk, and our zone leaders.
Saying goodbye to my missionary buddies.

With some members of my old area.

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