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Friday, July 25, 2014

July 21, 2014 – Long Week

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

I'm glad to hear the Roadshow went so well! I actually kinda miss the craziness of it all. And you're totally right, I would have loved that kind of thing. Since I'm not a youth though, I would have so helped out with everything!  Thanks for sending all the pictures!

As fast as the week went by, it also felt really long. This week has been a little tougher than others since I got to this area. We unfortunately had to drop quite a few people this week, they just weren't progressing. Of course they're nice people and great friends, but we're also here with the job of finding and helping people come unto Christ. If someone isn't doing that, we can still talk to them, of course, but we have to move on. Usually one would drop teaching a person every once in a while. This week we dropped quite a few within just a few days. It's not the best boost of enthusiasm, to be frank. And apparently, it isn't just us either. This area for the past few years has been pretty dry. One of the Elders from my group had their first area here and told me how tough it was. Not a single baptism during his training. Now I understand what he was talking about!

Well, I don't want to say that we're unsuccessful here either. We have a baptismal date for next Saturday, August 2nd, for a girl named Mirella. She's an investigator of my companion and his companion. So I wasn't always around during her lessons, but she is our best progressing investigator. She always comes to church and her lessons go great, AND she's 11. Well, we had another investigator that was progressing really well too with a baptism for the same day, but his mom won't give consent to baptize. We sure would like to talk to her about it, but she won't even give us the time of day. So until we can talk to the mother, this boy has to wait for a while until baptism. That part is a little frustrating.

On the positive, I gave a pretty cool talk yesterday in church! Bishop told me that my talk was ''Tema Libre''. That pretty much means I get to pick my own. Wonderful! I say that a little sarcastically because for those that know me well, I'm very indecisive. In the end, I decided to talk especially to the youth of the ward about the Importance of Missionary Work. I also talked a little bit about how a young woman can know if she should serve or not because it's very common for sisters to not be sure. But anyway, we visited with a member in the evening and she thanked me for the talk because she and her daughter were talking about the same thing that morning before church. Awesome!!

Well, along with the pictures I sent, that's all I have for this week. I hope this coming week will be a little better! Oh yeah, thank you for all your birthday wishes! o.o  Anyway, I'll write you again next week! I love you and miss you!

-Elder Froude

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