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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 7, 2014 – Happy July 4th!

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Happy July 4th to everyone and happy late birthday to my brother-in-law Richard!! And many more!

This week felt pretty long, but a lot of stuff happened in it! First was a leadership meeting I had on Wednesday. The meeting was for all District Leaders and Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders in the mission. It was also really cool because we all got to meet President Corbitt, our new mission president that day. He´s from the states and he worked in the UN before he was called. He was really excited to meet and work with all of us. During the meeting, President Corbitt asked me and two others elders to do a musical number after lunch. We sang Abide with Me Tis Eventide but in Spanish; Conmigo Quedate Señor.  He was also asking me a lot of questions and talking to me a lot because I was sitting the pew behind him. That worries me a little because he´s looking for new Aps; the ones he came to were already APs for more than 6 months.  o.o

I also learned a whole lot from that meeting! I felt it was especially for me because one of the talks we had was about how to be an effective District Leader. That was perfect for me because, honestly, I felt super unprepared to be a District Leader. Nobody taught me or told me how to be one. For the first two weeks I only copied what I saw from my passed DL´s, but I always felt that wasn´t enough. But thanks to that meeting, I feel much more prepared and excited to be a leader now. It´s pretty weird for me being a leader. I´ve been a follower of sorts, not because I don´t like to lead, but because there was always someone older than me to do it. I´m younger than a lot of people I know and I guess I´ve spent a good chunk of my life looking up to people. But now people are going to look to me for help or guidance and I´m still the youngest out of everybody here! It´s funny actually!  XD  I´m one of the only missionaries out here that is still 18. But with all the training, I feel much more prepared to start leading people now!

That was a long paragraph! Well in other news, besides the work, we had a really fun Zone Activity today that the sisters set up for us. It was a bunch of Minute to Win It types of games that we all played and they were a lot of fun! For activities everywhere in the mission it´s usually been just soccer or basketball. It’s a nice break from sports.  XD  The sisters usually don´t play and they get bored. So they set up the activity and everyone had a blast! At least, those that came on time, haha! One of the games was trying to get a cookie into your mouth from your face and not using your hands. Perfect time to whip out the camera! As fun as it was, it was also really cool to see the sisters have fun too. Usually they´re always so closed off from the elders and not being themselves because they aren´t having fun. But the Sisters that I thought were usually quiet and shy were actually very outgoing and fun to be around! That´s how missionaries inside a Zone should be with each other!

Welp, that´s about all I have for this week. We´ll be having interviews with President Corbitt this Wednesday as a zone, I´ll write you all on how that goes! Talk to you next week!  Thank you for everything!  Love you!!

-Elder Froude

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