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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 3, 2014 – Long email

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Hey everybody I´m on! I´m reading all your emails right now  Yes!! Laney and Hannah are the most adorable things ever!!

I heard the Superbowl was yesterday! Man I´m so out of it, I forgot there was even a Superbowl! I suppose that´s ok because I´m supposed to be focused out here anyway, haha! But anyway, my week was ok. Working as always. But I gotta admit, this week was a little tough.

The rama or branch is great, don´t get me wrong. The people in it are wonderful! They´re just as excited about the missionary work as we are! But the thing is they don´t have the training us missionaries have. Bless them, they have the best intentions. But sometimes they make plans for us and expect us to drop the plans we made and go out with them. I´ve been feeling a little off about that. And whenever we want to stick with our own plans they get mad at us. Lately it´s been a little frustrating. But my companion and I had the idea to have the Stake president come down and have a leadership training for the rama, which should help out a lot! We tried to tell some of the members how we´re supposed to work, but they just sort of shrugged it off like they knew better. I´m sure they didn´t mean it like that, but that´s what it came off as. I don´t blame them, though. We are new missionaries and they have been a great help but they have to remember that we´re the missionaries and are there to help them. I hope we can establish that with the rama…they´re all very awesome people!

As for our progress, Miguel and Jasmil couldn´t get interviewed on Saturday.  :( They need to be taught just a few more things and then they can be interviewed this Saturday, for sure this time!!! Also, we´re getting very awesome references from the members! We found a golden couple, who for a change is legally married! Almost everybody here just live together.  DX  But they´re both VERY interested in the church and ask really good questions. We´re doing service for them tomorrow so that should be awesome too! 

Today, we just did a bit of shopping. There was a zone activity today, but we didn´t go because we need to save money to go the capital on Wednesday. And not a whole lot, but we get fed sometimes. We actually decided to not let anyone feed us for a bit because people have started to fight over feeding us. So, we want to cool things down before we start that again. Haha!  And thanks for the advice, dad, it really helps us out.  ^_^

Well, that´s all the things from this week. I´ll be going to the capital this Wednesday so I´ll get your package from there. Bye, guys! I´ll write you next week with progress on the rama and our investigators! Love you!!

-Elder Froude

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