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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014 – The Work Goes On!

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Happy Late Valentine´s Day!! It´s actually pretty funny… people celebrate Valentine´s Day here more than they do Christmas. We also had a Zone Conference this week, so I decided to make some Nutella cookies for the zone! First, I gotta say something about Zone Conferences for my zone. Most other zones have them every week. Our zone is special because ours is the most spread out zone in the mission, so we only get them once a month. That being said, Zone Conferences are very looked forward to because we´re all excited to see other missionaries, haha! Anyway, while I was making the cookies, I found out I had accidentally made Nutella Fudge! So, I brought that to the meeting and everybody loved it! I can make things now! Haha!

Anyway, about my week... it wasn´t too eventful. It was spent preparing our baptismal dates for their interviews this Saturday. Best Case Scenario, we´ll have four baptisms the week after this!

Oh, a bit of news, my companion and I have been able to establish quite a few things in the branch. We teach an English class now which is working great for finding investigators to teach! We also started Mutual for the youth in the branch and are trying to bring more nonmembers to it to teach them too. We also started a Gospel Principles Class, which we also teach. It´s working very well too for our investigators and new converts. We don´t want them to get lost in all the deep doctrinal classes, so we´re starting them from the beginning. And also, as of last week, we started teaching the young men. The branch has a YM president but he´s inactive. We´re trying to reactivate him and get him to do things. But all those things have been keeping us pretty busy, along with all the proselyting we do. The work is progressing here!

That´s all the things we´ve been up to.. maybe next week I´ll have a crazy story to share? Maybe! Anyways, I´m glad to hear you´re all doing ok. ^_^  I´ll write you all next week! I love you all!

-Elder Froude

This is a guanabana. On the outside it´s the most hideous looking fruit ever, but on the inside is some juicy sweet goodness! It´s one of my favorites out here!
One of the sisters in the ward gave me this giant Hershey kiss for Valentine's Day!

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