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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 10, 2014 - El Jardin Del Señor, the Garden of the Lord

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Happy Valentine´s Day! Thanks for the package and the photos! They were a really nice American break from all these Dominican days of “We can Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, for tomorrow we die" (name that scripture! Hint…it´s in the BoM.)

Anyways, this week was much better than the last. We´re making excellent progress with an officially married couple, Felix and Santa, no, not Claus. Lol! We had a very good Q&A session with them for a lesson. They had excellent questions! They found these questions reading the Book of Mormon. Yes, they´re reading it and are saying they believe it!! We also taught a Gospel Principles class at church for our investigators and recent converts. Feliz and Santa attended! The lesson went fantastic too! We taught about God, our Heavenly Father. Everybody in the class was participating! It was a very good Sunday.  ^_^

As for Jazmil and Miguel, we haven´t interviewed them yet. Mostly because we can´t until they´ve come to church for at least 3 months. I thought we could interview them before then, but I guess we can´t. I had gotten so excited with two more baptisms that I almost forgot that I can´t make people get baptized. That´s the Holy Spirit´s job. He testifies the truthfulness of the gospel to investigators and then sees to it that they are baptized when THEY are ready, not when I´m ready to baptize someone.

This reminds me of when I heard that when you arrive at an area, you are given a piece of the Lord´s garden. Being the gardener, I can´t make plants grow when I want them to. What I can do is plant seeds and be there to nurture those seeds until they sprout into a flower or tree in its own time. Some might not sprout at all, no matter how much I water it. As sad as it is, it simply means it isn´t ready to be a part of the Lord´s garden. Another Gardener will have to replant it later. But I give two years of service to the Lord to take care of and expand his beautiful garden, and He´s got a lot of seeds for us to plant! So, I better get to work!

That´s all the progress and spiritual thought for this week. ^_^ I´m sure I´ll send more because I´m learning so much out here. I can´t wait to write you all again! I love and miss you!

-Elder Froude

A sister in the branch who's leaving for her mission!
Elder Vazquez's birthday!
The coolest dog in town!
On the rooftop, surveying our area.
Selfies!  Hahaha!

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