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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May 26, 2014 – Happy Mother’s Day here in the DR!

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

It was Mother's day here yesterday! Hey mom, don't feel too bad about the sacrament meeting this past Mother's Day over there, they didn't talk about mothers here either!! They didn't even pass out little candies to all the mothers! Urgh, lol! The work is progressing well over here but there seems to be a problem with investigators coming to church.  :\ Well, today they have a slight excuse because it was Mother's Day, but every other week they have to come!!

Anyway, like I said the work here is improving. We have another baptismal date for July 26 and are working on two more for that same day! We also baptized little Nicole this past Saturday. B Nicole is 8, but she's a special case because she didn't grow up in primary, so she needed the lessons to be baptized. We had special permission to baptize her.  My companion got to baptize her. It was a very bittersweet baptism. Nicole's parents are separated and her mom is already a member. She was hoping her father would show up in time for the baptism but he never did. La pobrecita (the poor thing) was so sad during the whole service.  :( She cheered up a little when she was baptized though. Elder Herrera and I talked with her afterwards about how the most important Father was there to witness her baptism. We plan to visit her on Tuesday to check up on her and make sure she feels ok.  ^_^   The other baptismal date is so far because she is under 18 and with all minors we have to wait three months before baptism.  

Little Nicole's baptism
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Also this week, I had one of the most emotionally intense visits this week. I shouldn't go into details about it, but it makes me really sad that the family is not a very strong concept here especially when the Gospel is centered on strengthening families. We gave her a blessing of comfort before we left.

Mother's Day sure is different here. Lol!  It was actually really tough to get in lessons yesterday because everybody we knew was either gone or with family and didn't have time to visit with us. We resorted to saying Happy Mother's Day to all our investigators and sharing spiritual thoughts with some of the young single adults that were still in town. It was actually really good because we're helping prepare a young single adult convert to get the Melchizedek priesthood and enter the temple!

Oh also, thanks for sending me the camera! It's so awesome! And I have to take good care of it because theft is super common here. XD I'll talk to you all next week!  I love you and miss you! Send my love to everyone there!

-Elder Froude

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