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Thursday, January 9, 2014

December 23, 2013 – Long and fruitful week

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian (huh, that's weird),

I want to start this email by saying AHHHHHHH!!! WELCOME HOME, IAN BRODY!! That's right; my brother is finally home after faithfully serving the Lord for two difficult but indescribably joyous years! I couldn't be more proud of him! Now it's my turn to walk the same path my brother has so that I can have a better relationship and understanding with God and Jesus Christ. ^_^

This week was the baptism of Alexandra! My first baptism ever! Well, I didn't actually do the baptism, but as a companionship! I did, however, speak on Baptism at her baptism. I’ll try to stop using the word now; it's starting to sound weird.  X) Anyway, it went alright. I feel like my talk for Sunday was better.  I had more time to prepare for that one than I did for this. I had only about 1 hour to prepare for it. But Alexandra said that I did really good! ^_^ Our branch doesn't have a font, so we had to go to a member's house close by and use their pool.  Even though it was a cool night and the water was cold, Alexandra was doing nothing but smiling when she got into the pool.  I can't even begin to describe the joy I felt to see her be baptized.  Being a part of leading someone unto Christ and baptism is truly something special. I can't take even half of the credit though; it was the Holy Spirit that testified unto her the truth.  All I am is an envoy of the Holy Spirit; I say what He wants me to say and I do what He tells me to do.  And if I learn to do that without fail, everything will be ok.  ^_^

Now for the rather down-y part. It's the holidays and lots of people aren't available. And also, we spent most of the week traveling all over the Dominican Republic for conferences and activities. Out of the 25-30 lessons a week we usually teach a week, we only were able to teach 8. I suppose it's understandable why the numbers would drop, but man, that's just sad. My companion and I agreed that even though it's the holidays, we're gonna try much harder to make citas (appointments) and try to get the numbers back up some. It'll be hard because of the holidays, but we're gonna work even harder. If it is truly our best, I know that the Lord will understand, and hopefully we won't feel as bad for the low numbers. But like the scriptures say, He doesn't want us to run more than we have strength (thank goodness!). So we will do our best to improve! However, despite the low numbers, we had good opportunities to serve people. This week we had to help re-cement a garage for a family. We had to mix and spread the cement ourselves, and whoo! what a work out!

We also had a really powerful Christmas Conference with the Zone and a neighboring Zone. Wow, Elder Jeffery R. Holland is a powerful speaker!  President Hernandez played an audio recording of a Mission President Conference on “Why Missionary Work is Hard.” It made me cry, hehe.  Ask Ian about the things he said, it's sooooo good.

That's about it for this week. No phrase of the week though :( I haven't had the time to catch one. Next week for sure! I can’t wait to Google+ all of you  this week for Christmas! Feliz Navidad a todo! Merry Christmas everyone! I love you all! And again, welcome home, Bro!  :)

-Elder Froude

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