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Thursday, January 9, 2014

December 30, 2013 – Great seeing you all!

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Hey everybody! First, I´m sorry that you´re all sick :/ I hope you all feel better soon. These are all crazy stories! Geez, this is a heck of a Christmas! I hope that New Year´s turns out a little better. Mine was alright. Very different than America. Here, people don´t really have the Spirit of Christmas. They only get excited when they have a bottle of beer or something stronger in their hand. Holidays like this are just another reason to drink and party, nothing more.  :P  We didn´t do a whole lot either except work and listen to the Piano Guys.  ^_^

Happy New Year! Almost! It's the 30th over here. I hope you all have awesome plans for it, because as a missionary, I can't have any plans that don't have to do with working! lol! I don't mind it. Though, I have the feeling that New Year’s is gonna be a little crazier than Christmas here. Well, Christmas was actually surprisingly calm over where I am. I think they're just saving their energy for the bigger celebration that is New Year’s. I'm not sure how the whole "Be back in by/ You can leave by" thing will work this time. They'll tell us soon.  ^_^

Anyway, remember how last week I was bummed that my companion and I weren't teaching that much? Well, right after Christmas and our Skype call, people decided to be available for us to teach! It was crazy, we spent the last 4 days walking and teaching, we're pretty exhausted! This p-day was a nice break.  :D I wanted to get in as many citas as I could before the New Year and I got exactly that! Maybe even more! I better take advantage!

Oh mom, you'll be proud of me as a cook, because the other day, for a little Christmas thing for some of the members, I made Nutella cookies! They all liked it! It was actually pretty good for my first time! But they're a little too rich, so I gotta find a way to make it a little less rich. Elder Rocha and I actually cook pretty often! I learned how to make Tostones, deep fried slices of Plantanos, and other stuff! When I come back, I'll cook for you guys!

Well, time is running low. Gotta end the email here. And sorry no pictures this week :( Nothing to take pictures of. But maybe this week! :D  I love you guys! Miss you all! Talk to you next week! :)

And I also wanna wish my brody luck as he goes back to BYU this week. Good luck, dude! You're an RM now, and as a younger brother, you have my permission to get married while I'm gone!  ;) Haha! Love you, bro!

-Elder Froude

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