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Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013 – Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and soon-to-be Brody Ian,

Christmas is almost here! This week we have a bunch of Christmas things to do! Tuesday, we’re helping a family build a little Nativity scene, Wednesday is our Branch Christmas Dinner, which I've been asked to play music for. Yay buddy! They honestly don't care that the music is in English. In fact, it's always the same song they want to hear! "Elder Froude, por que no tocas Hallelujah ahora mismo??"  Translation: “Elder Froude, why aren't you playing Hallelujah right now?”  Lol! That reminds me, the members here, despite being well aware that my name is pronounced Froude, call me Elder Fraud, which means fraudulent. It's really funny so I just go along with it.  It’s more like a term of endearment.  And soon enough, it's going to be my name!  XD  Anyways, Thursday is our Christmas Conference in La Romana which I'm also going to play for. I'm playing and singing Storm by Lifehouse…thanks for the chords, Mom! :D It sounds great; I think I'm going to do decently.  ^_^ And then Saturday is Alexandra's baptism! Good week ahead!

This week has been pretty good.  Alexandra's entrevista bautismal, baptismal interview, was this past Saturday. She's ready for Baptism!! We're all really excited for her! :D Also this week, we took two of the young men with us to a cita with a girl their age. It seemed like a great idea at first; people to be her friends when she came to church! Well, the lesson that was supposed to be 20 or 25 minutes long took close to 3 hours! The jovenes, youth, bless them they're fantastic, but let's just say that they aren't ready for missionary work yet. Not in a bad way, though. They just spent nearly the entire time talking about different things. It was really difficult to get things back on track. So, the lesson in this experience? Make sure that the youth we bring are coming with us to teach and not to chill. Don't get me wrong, I love those boys like little brothers, and we aren't angry with them in any way, shape, or form, but there's a time and place to have fun and a time and place to teach. It's ok though, they're both young, 15 and 14. They have plenty of time to learn and grow.  ^_^

So yesterday, I spoke in church for the first time! It was actually pretty last minute O: One of the people assigned to talk called us the night before at about 7:30 telling us that she couldn't speak and asked if one of us could speak for her. Elder Rocha happily volunteered me to speak! I spoke on Service.  I also used the parable about Jesus Christ saying, "If you have done it unto at least one of my brethren, ye have done it unto me." in Matthew 25.  Surprisingly, I spoke for ten minutes despite having so little time to prepare. And my Spanish was unusually good, I noticed.  O: Thank you Holy Spirit for helping me to talk well!  I still have LOTS to learn in Spanish. I can communicate decently now but there are still grammar quirks I'm still trying to get down. For example, the English word Was. In Spanish, there's four different kinds of Was for four different situations. My brain is still trying to process it.  X)

The progress with the mellas (mellas are fraternal twins, gemelas are identical twins) and their mother is going very well! But to our luck, ANOTHER family joined in our last  lesson and they want to continue the lessons! This time it’s two boys and their mother.  The Lord is really blessing us :)

Now for the phrase of the week because I realized that I missed the past few weeks for it.  X) This week's phrase is "Pero Muchaho(a)!" Literally, it means But Boy/Girl!  But it's used in the same context as "Duuuuude!" For example, if someone stepped on your new shoes, you wouldn't approve of that, so you would say "Duuude! My Shoes!" In Spanish, it's "Pero Muchacho! Mis Zapatos!"

That's about all for today. This week I'm going to take LOTS of pictures from the parties and activities. ^_^

The next time I write, Elder Froude 1 will be Ian or Brody or Broseph or Brometheus or Brotato Chip or Bronut or Brobo Cop and other sorts and forms of Bro :) Give Elder Froude 1 a huge bear hug for me! :) Love you all so much too!  I miss you all! Until next week!  :)

-Elder Froude 2

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