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Monday, August 18, 2014

August 4, 2014 – Thanks for my birthday gifts!

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Well, this week has been much better than past weeks! Still got some tough stuff going on, but we finally found someone promising! We unfortunately had to drop the girl that had a baptismal date, though. She just plain isn't ready yet and isn't too pumped about seeing us either. Perhaps another time.

But anyway…we met this man named Kelvin, who has been fantastic since we met him! He's thoroughly studying the Book of Mormon and always has awesome questions! He believes it, because he told us the other day that he felt the Holy Spirit! That is probably the second or third time in my almost 11 months that someone has tried describing what they felt instead of just saying an unsure sounding ''good.'' Lol! But he's a really good guy; he's always out on his porch reading a pamphlet of ours or the Book of Mormon when we pass by his house. We also are working with him to stop smoking which he's willing to do! He used to smoke a pack a day or so, but when we taught him the Word of Wisdom we made a goal for him to smoke at the most 10 cigarettes a day. Asking people to stop smoking right away is almost impossible out here so we work slowly but with progress.  When we came back the next day, he said he smoked only 5! We're so happy for him! He only needs to come to church though. He couldn't this week because he had to rush his grandma to the hospital, nor the week after because it was Father's Day here. He promised us he'd come this coming Sunday though. Crossed fingers!

Well, along with the good, there's something pretty challenging that's keeping me busy too. My district is only my companion and I, and two companionships of sisters in an area called Mi Hogar, which is split into two; Mi Hogar A and B. To start, the sister in Mi Hogar B aren't getting along too well and are pretty stressed out.  :/ Even though Mi Hogar A are working well together, they both have a bit of trouble finding things to do because they have already worked in almost all of the area and are running out of people to find. That isn't too good either because they have less than 2 progressing investigators. I'm trying to give them some ideas on what they can do to keep themselves busy and while they take the ideas, they're just a little discouraged. So, I'll be working with some Sister Training Leaders in my Zone to see how we can help them out. Those leaders would be the ones doing exchanges since I won't be able to. Haha! But it's tough being in charge of a district that you can only call but not be able to go work with them (because elders and sisters cannot work/proselyte together). We'll see what happens this coming week.

Well, that's this past week summed up. I also want to thank you guys and Tita Jona and her family, and Tita Jackie, and Mama for sending me my birthday packages and money! The treats were yummy! I shared them with my companion as well, so don't worry! ^_^ I'll write next week with more progress on Kelvin and my district! Love you and miss you all!! Thanks for everything! All your support and love helps me out so much! :)

-Elder Froude

New haircut
Yummy breakfast that I made!

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