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Monday, August 18, 2014

August 11, 2014 – Happy transfer day tomorrow but I’m staying

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

After a long 8-week transfer, transfer day has finally come. There are lots of changes going on out here! New leaders and new areas and a bunch of stuff! My companion, Elder Pronk, had a hunch he was leaving because he had already been here for 3 transfers. And he is being transferred to an area close to where I was born in the mission, Higuey. He's been wanting to go to the campo part of the mission so good for him! :D He'll love it. My district is also changing too! Firstly, the work in their areas are improving quite a bit. They're such troopers… so proud of them! Also, one sister in each companionship is transferring. The ones that are staying are going to be training. It will be their first trainee, I believe. They're both excited!

This week was another day in the office; looking for people and trying to find less active members. The ward gave us a list and we went looking for them. A lot of them are too busy living outside of the ward boundaries though, so we'll have to report that. Really, we've just been teaching Kelvin all week who is progressing very well. Unfortunately, his grandmother passed away a few days ago after a surgery for a hernia. They said the surgery went well, but I guess it was just her time. We're going to visit him today to check up on him. He still hasn't come to church yet, and it wasn't his fault for not coming either. I guess that adversary really doesn't want him to be a member. But guess what?! We haven't given up on him! We still have a lot of hope for Kelvin!

Well, the week was definitely much better than the last. We have a lot to look forward to, even my new companion, which I forgot to mention until now! He's Elder Peña from Guatemala. I never met him before but let's see how this goes. I heard good things about him, so that’s good!

I will write next week with more news and how my new companionship is! Until next week! I love and miss you all! Bye!

-Elder Froude

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