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Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014 – New companion, Elder Pena

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Well, this week has been interesting! It started with getting my new companion, Elder Peña. He's a Guatemalan elder that has 14 months on the mission and he's a cool and funny guy. A little quiet during the lessons, but I'm sure that when he gets to know everyone he'll open up. I also got to meet the new sisters in my district. They are both trainees, Hermana Pichardo from the DR and Hermana Cuevas from Florida. Her parents are Dominican and she already knows Spanish. They're both super excited to work! I noticed that that Spirit has lifted up and encouraged  and motivated the sisters already in my district too! So that's good!  We’re helping them with a service project tomorrow.

Now for the week. We still haven't visited with Kelvin; he's still mourning a bit for his grandma who passed away, but he said we can continue teaching him tomorrow. He's been pretty out of it lately, and we totally understand. When we first started teaching him, we told him that even though he's seeing changes in his life, it won't always be any easier, in fact, it would be a little harder. I'm glad I said it then because he's still willing to be taught. But I also feel horrible because his grandma passed away, which can be extremely hard for anyone. We'll see what happens with his progression.

Oh! Funny story! My companion and I were kinda tricked into going to a bible study group. XD We contacted this lady who said she'd love to hear about what the Mormons are all about but when we came back on the day of the appointment, there were 7 or 8 people sitting in a circle with all their bibles out. I thought, ´´It's a Trap!!´´ So, we sat down and started to listen, and boy, they had some interesting interpretations of who God is and other things. Usually, during a lesson, we would try to humbly correct people about the scriptures if it was necessary, to teach them something about our lesson, but my companion and I both felt that it wouldn't be wise. Mostly because the environment of the appointment was not conducive to learning. If we said something, a person would pull out a scripture trying to prove us wrong with his or her interpretation, and if we answered, another person would do the same. However, if somebody directly asked us a question, we answered it with scripture, sometimes not along the lines of their beliefs, bore our testimony, and let them continue. They seemed satisfied with our answers though. But boy, they said some pretty funky stuff, like God is Knowledge and that baptism shouldn't be by immersion because water isn't knowledge or something like that. XD Other than that, we didn't say much. It was actually pretty funny how it all happened! Haha!

Well, hopefully this week we'll get to visit and find some more people. This week all the people we found are either part of another church or aren't interested. But we will keep looking! Anyway, that's all for this week. I'll write you more stories and send more pictures! Talk to you guys later! Love you!

-Elder Froude
We had FHE with this amazing family and we baked the brownies that you sent me for my birthday.
It was yummy!  Thank you!
Elder Pronk's last day in our area.
With Elder Bateman
With Elder Granados.  He looks like he's 12. Haha!
Love this quote from director Cecil B. DeMille.

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