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Thursday, April 10, 2014

April 7, 2014 – Big news and not a lot of time!

Hey, I´m on now.  Sorry I´m so late!  I don´t have a lot of time.  I only got time to send you pics and a video and to tell you that I´m being transferred to the big city Santo Domingo!  My zone is called Ozama, yes, pronounced like Osama, lol!  I´m opening up a new area in Tres Brazos or Three Arms.  I´m a trainer now!  I´m so nervous!  I´m gonna have to work super hard!

I actually have to get going right now :(  My letter will be extra long next week, I promise!  I´ll talk to you all next Monday with a new companion! : )  I love you!  And I miss you!

- Elder Froude

New haircut
Last picture with my district and companion
Found a cute puppy!
Zone activity at the beach.  That's Jennifer, the iguana.

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