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Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014 – Cool things this week

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

We baptized Jasmil and Elizabeth this weekend! They are the third and fourth baptisms I´ve had out here, but Jasmil is the second one that I actually baptized. It´s a very special experience; baptizing someone. Especially seeing how happy they are afterwards! It really brought pure joy to my heart. I have each person that I have helped bring to baptism written down in my journal because I plan to keep in contact with them when I go home. Because I had the thought, what´s the point in baptizing people if they just go inactive when you leave the area?
Jazmil and Elizabeth's baptism
Baptizing Jazmil
It was in that moment that I made a promise to myself that I would do the best I can, during and after my mission, to keep in contact with the recent converts and help them with strengthening their testimonies during their lives. I helped them come unto Christ through the waters of baptism; it would break my heart to see them fall away later on. These are special people to me, and I promised them that their lives would be happier with the Gospel. What kind of missionary would I be if I have forgotten, or even worse, ignored these people? Christ has not forgotten me, and as His representative, I will not forget His brothers and sisters.

That´s my little spiritual thought for this week! ^_^ Oh! I think my Spanish is improving too! Yesterday, during the testimony meeting, a tourist (we get them all the time on Sundays) wanted to bear her testimony and asked me to translate for her. I said yes before I even thought about what I was going to do! Lol!  But up I went and I translated.  Surprisingly, I did it! I didn´t say it exactly word for word, of course, but I was surprised that I was even able to do it! Thank you, Holy Ghost! Am I fluent already? Not even close! XD I just figured out how to think in Spanish quicker than other missionaries. When I translated, I didn´t think a single word in English. It just sort of came out, really. :P

I do believe that is all for this week. Oh, one more thing, we had to push back Felix and Santa´s baptism one week so that we can prepare them a bit more. Advice for future missionaries: Baptize people when THEY are ready, not when you are.

 Anyways, I´ll write you all next week with more progress in the mission! The work is progressing here! I love you and miss you all! Bye!

-Elder Froude
Our version of the First Vision
My District
Zone activity at La Caleta Beach

It means "The Cool Zone."  Guess which one I am.
My companion and I with Jazmil.
Elizabeth's in the green shirt.

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