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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 10, 2014 – So Much Traveling This Week

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

This week has been a little uneventful on account of traveling the DR twice. @_@ We´ve spent about 2500 pesos going to places like La Romana, Higuey, and the Capital, all super far from us. I´m pretty sure we´ve spent more time sitting on a bus than we have been teaching. A mi no me gusta mucho. I don´t like that very much. But not saying that the trips weren´t good! They were! We´ve had a lot of fun activities and good meetings! Especially the trip we made to La Romana yesterday for Stake Conference. We were able to bring Felix and Santa, who are getting baptized this weekend! They said they loved it! It was their first time in a real church building. It only made them want to be baptized even more! We´re so excited for them! ^_^ Also, we got permission to baptize them on a beach. That´s right, A BEACH! AHHHH! MY DREAM!!!

This week we´re going to the capital again for a Temple trip. I´m really excited because it will be my first temple trip since the CCM 6 months ago. I love the temple here. It´s really big, too! Really, the only big events I have to write about are all our trips and Felix and Santa´s baptism. Not much else than that.

But I will take lots of pictures and write a lot about the experience! I´m running out of time.  :( I love you all! I miss you! Kiss Laney and Hannah for me! And also, Congratulations on getting called as the 2nd Counselor in the Stake Presidency, Dad!

-Elder Froude

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