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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March 30, 2015

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

You remember how last week I told you my comp was sick? Well, it turned out to be Dengue Fever. I spent the night in a Dominican hospital with him. XD  It was weird…all the same mosquitoes bite us. But I didn't get it. o.o I didn't get the Chinkunguya either. Knock on wood. He's ok now. ^_^  But because of that we didn't work all last week. I'm with another missionary, Elder Johnson from back in my last area, trying to work. XD  Elder McCombs is supposed to come back today. He's been out of the hospital, but he's staying with the AP's because the doctors asked for a few more blood tests. And we live far from the hospital so Elder McCombs stayed there and I came back with Elder Johnson.

Also, we had a zone activity that went actually pretty not ok :( Elder McCombs and I were supposed to plan it with the sister missionaries, but with the whole Dengue thing, it totally escaped our minds. Well, it went well, we were just unprepared. A lot of missionaries didn't come either. And it was my first time actually leading something as a ZL. Fun times... :(

Hey guys, I have to go. There are sister missionaries here that want to write their families :( I didn't get around to writing a long letter...but not a lot happened this week anyway. I'll write you next week ok? I love you guys!

-Elder Froude
Elder Johnson pre-dengue
Elder Johnson
Krispy Creme!

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