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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

August 10, 2015 – Second to last letter home

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Great, you all have me counting now too! X) Anyways, it's weird but I'll only do this long letter one more time and then I'm home... Waaahhhhh! But fortunately, I have quite a bit to write about! I can go about it day by day because we had quite an eventful week. Even though it was eventful, again, we didn't get to go out to teach much :( I'll start from Tuesday since I already wrote about last Monday.

Tuesday was getting ready for moving day which meant spend the day cleaning and packing not only our house but the house we were going to move into as well. So that’s exactly what we did. And since the new house was just down the street, we figured we'd just carry all the little stuff on over so that the people coming to help could just focus on the big stuff. We spent all day doing that, so we didn't have much time for teaching. In fact, we didn't teach at all that day :( Same with the next day, but different story! O:

So Wednesday was our moving day but I didn't get to help move. I was asked to go to a leader's meeting to share my last testimony for all the leaders. President Corbitt does that for any missionary that has been a ZL before in their last transfer. I went with 18 other missionaries. It was awesome! I felt like I was at a high school reunion. I took lots of pics and even some videos! It's always nice to see other missionaries! ^_^ But it took us a while to get back to our apartment though. We arrived at the meeting about 8:30am and we got back to my area about 8:30pm. Again, not able to go out and visit some people.

But not only that, the district of San Pedro asked if I could play the piano for the choir for the District Conference that same weekend. I said sure, and then they picked 4 songs that I didn't know how to play. Great, I thought, I have to take the time to learn these songs. They were “Come Come Ye Saints,” “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” “Peace Be Still,” and another one that Elder Walters ended up learning. I'll get to how I did later.

Thursday was our District meeting, so no teaching that morning. And then we went home and took a little power nap before we went out, but I woke up with a cold! I had felt it the day before, but I didn't think anything of it. Well, it got a little worse and it gave me a bad sore throat and I lost my voice! So, we didn't go out that afternoon but used the down time to continue learning. The process repeated for Friday and Saturday.

Friday though, we were able to go visit a progressing investigator to get at least something. And I was able to talk a little, so we toughed it out for the appointment and then went back home. Well, the investigator wasn't there, but his wife was, who, till that point, had been a little quiet during the lessons. Well, we got to know her and it turns out that she is incredibly smart and so cool! AND she wants an eternal family! We went there planning to talk about the Proclamation and she told us that she said that she had a feeling that when we came over that the family would be discussed. It was INCREDIBLE!! The Spirit was very strong and we could tell that she really did want it. She said that she'd keep the copy and give her husband a stern talking to so that they could get baptized and sealed. Yay!!!! We're going to visit them more often :D

Now comes Sunday, the day we have to play for the choir. I played “Come, Come Ye Saints” and “Battle Hymn of the Republic” just fine. Then I had to play “Peace Be Still.” The first verse went off without a hitch. The second verse, my right arm started to hurt. The third verse, not only does my right arm completely cramp, my fingers lock in place! So, not only am I in a metric ton of pain, I can't play correctly! I just moved my arm up and down trying to hit the right notes and it didn't work too well. XD The fourth verse my arm relaxed and I tried to play something that resembled the hymn. It was so embarrassing! DX But I tried X)

Then today for P-Day, we took a much needed break and just stayed home and played some dominos ^_^ I'm enjoying what I have left of the mission. And at the same time, working hard! It may not be in the missionary work, but it's stuff people needed us to do. And that's what Jesus Christ's ministry was all about, wasn't it? Serving others? I hope that we can keep serving people as much as we can. Hopefully, this week we can balance them both. We'll see what happens! I love you guys! Thanks for being on!!

-Elder Froude

My previous companion, Elder Tillman!

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