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Sunday, November 16, 2014

October 27, 2014 – Last week of transfer already!

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, and Ian,

Wow, it's already the last week of the transfer! It has been a pretty tough one, but I learned a ton from it. There's a good sized pool of people we are teaching now, and one of them is coming to church now! A boy named Joel. We're teaching a lot of his friends too, but he has been at every single meeting we set up so far. He's also reading the Book of Mormon now as well! His friends are as well! Joel and his whole group of friends are between 15 and 19 years old. Joel is 17, I believe. But yes, a lot of them are starting the Book of Mormon now, and they like it so far. We have a few others that are yet to progress, so we will continue with them!

Stake conference was yesterday! The talks were great. President Corbitt also spoke to the congregation, and had a great talk about the missionary work. Said that the members have just as big a responsibility of missionary work as the missionaries do, and he's right! Out here it's a little tough to get references from members, not because they don't want to give us references, but mostly because they aren't looking. There are those few members who are just golden and help us out however they can, though. And then Elder Zivic spoke to us as well! He had a lot of time to talk, so he talked about different things but a big focus was the Book of Mormon. It was perfect because our investigator Joel was there to listen to it! As a highlight, Elder Zivic talked about an intended Anti-Mormon sign he saw when he was traveling through Tampa, Florida. It said ''Don't pray about the Book of Mormon; it's how they get'cha''. Lol! He then proceeded to talk about how that is the only way we can ever know if it is true. If not, we'll never have a strong basis or testimony of the Book of Mormon. He said a lot of other stuff as well, and Joel was listening very intently.

Boy, this area is finally starting to grow. It took a LOT of work, and a companion that was willing to put in that work, and now things are happening. It just like how you always tell me; “When you give your all and then a little bit more, miracles happen.” Thank you so much for helping me with all your counsel and advice and love! I'll try to see if they can fix the photos problem here. Until next week! Love you all! Thanks for everything and the package! Send my love to everyone at the Celebration of Life thing!

-Elder Froude

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